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boutique fitness studio


Personal Training with a combined 60 years of experience.


La Jolla Fit is a boutique fitness studio in the heart of la jolla. Individual, pairs and small group training is the target of our business with emphasis on skillfully and safely personalized workouts. Each trainer brings a unique style, and expertise to each session allowing them to meet the fitness needs of many.


From general strength training, to yoga and flexibility, to pilates and even to bodywork and rehabilitation with our in-house physical therapist, La Jolla Fit can help on multiple fitness levels.


I’m in the best shape of my life at 50! I recommend Michelle to all of my friends!
— Bill, La Jolla
I’ve been training with Chris for the past 3 months and I can noticeably see a huge change in my figure!
— Mary R
Best trainers in La Jolla! They all have different styles but all are very effective!
— Tina

The Team

La Jolla Fit Personal Trainers

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Fitness is my life--literally!!!!!!! I have been in the fitness industry in SOME way for over 30 years. I am a Physical Therapy graduate from the University of Missouri in 1993.  I am an endurance athlete, racing in Ironman, 70.3's, centuries and marathons and half marathons for 15 years.


I have owned my own business for nearly 20 years. I continue to incorporate skills as a therapist into my personal training regimen.  Each individual's training session is specifically tailored to their individual needs and desires. I ALWAYS put emphasis first on biomechanics and proper execution over 'getting the job done'.  Because of my education I  see pre and post operative individuals, chronically injured focusing on rehabilitation and the 'weekend warriors'!!  However, as a top age group athlete I also enjoy my training with adolescents in sports and the general population just trying to stay fit or other adult  athletes wanting to improve their performance.  


I believe in multiple techniques for training, rehabilitation and overall improvement in strength, coordination, stability, flexibility, and aerobic fitness.  Core strength (which involves so much more than just planking!!) along with correct body mechanics thru execution of each exercise are the base for injury prevention. I believe in educating my clients on the principles driving those issues expecting them to continue applying the techniques outside of the gym as well.  This is a process that can take months and sometimes longer.  The key to lifelong fitness, injury prevention and overall mechanical improvement is done as a team--and i have numerous 'teammates' that have been with me for almost 20 years!!!!


I can be in intimidating only because I take my profession seriously...and I look at living fit as a lifelong process.  I am hardest on ME and ALWAYS are asking more of me in workouts, work, etc...I encourage my clients to do the same. To push!!  To never settle!!  To remember that you must challenge yourself  in order to change yourself. The wonderful part is I am there to help, to encourage, and understand all the struggles each person goes through.  I  guarantee training at La Jolla Fit will change you--for the better!!

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Chris Smith

Originally from Seattle. I have been a personal trainer since 2001. 16 years. Certifications include: Postural Restoration Institute, Titleist Performance Institute , National Academy of Sports Medicine

As a trainer with clients ranging from 8 to 80 years old. Elite athletes to couch potatoes, I understand that every person has different needs and exercise tolerances. I specialize in building strength and conditioning while preventing and managing injuries at the same time, keeping workouts fun and interesting. We understand that exercise is not fun for everyone and workouts need to be tailored to individuals fitness levels and personalities. Using the Principals of The Postural Restoration Institute, I work with clients to restore postural dysfunction, asymmetries, and breathing discord. Once you understand the systems of the human body and how they are highly and complexly integrated you understand that breathing and postural asymmetries are connected and in fact you cannot restore one without the other.

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Lyubov Kornilova

20 years of experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer AAAI/ISMA certified with a BA and
MA in Physical Education. Three-times Fitness Champion of Ukraine (1996, 1997, 1998).
Sixth place in European Fitness Championship, (France, 1997). Seventh place in World
Fitness Championship, (Slovakia, 1997). Master of Sport Gymnast.

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Mary is a mother of two. She understands the challenges and benefits of sustaining a balanced life with a strong and balanced body. She has been teaching consistently since 2004. Mary is passionate about designing alignment based strength and flexibility programs for practitioners of all levels, needs, and goals. She encourages and assists individuals in incorporating her teachings into everyday life, enhancing and improving it. “Challenge yourself to change yourself. Be consistent. And Smile!”


Carlos Rocha

Originally from the city of Newark, New Jersey, Carlos is a lifetime athlete and fitness enthusiast. He began his road to fitness playing ice hockey, as well as track and field competitively. He received his Bachelors from Boston University where he graduated in 2008. In Boston, he began personal training and strength and conditioning coaching at the BU Athletic Enhancement Center. The BUAEC provided elite performance training, injury rehabilitation and return to sport services to athletes young and old in the community, as well as NCAA D1, D2, and D3 collegiate athletes throughout Boston.

Carlos moved to San Diego in 2008, and has since attained 4 personal training certifications; including his Corrective Exercise Specialist certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Carlos attained the benchmark of master trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, and had the privilege of working as the Fitness Manager of the La Jolla facility. He’s worked with thousands of clients from diverse backgrounds, ages, and abilities to achieve and surpass functional, weight loss, performance enhancement, and wellness goals.

He also worked with the elite outpatient orthopedic team at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation as the lead rehab technician and as a research technician. Carlos returned to San Diego in 2014 to pursue his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, California and is set to graduate in 2018. He has taken multiple advanced classes in the evaluation and treatment of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines, as well the lumbar/pelvic complex and extremity integration. Carlos believes that a good wellness professional needs to have advanced knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to truly understand the complexities of the human body. He also believes that one should not just treat the pain caused by injury, but should focus on treating the dysfunctional cause of the pain.

In his free time, Carlos continues to play ice hockey, and enjoy the outdoors with activities like camping, hiking, surfing, and rock climbing. He also likes to spends time with his dogs and attend live music shows and festivals.

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